Kappelen - The Glickhàmpfele

Each year since 1975 on first Sunday after August 15th, the traditional festival of the harvests called "Glickhàmpfele" has been taking place. Instigator and creator of this festival, Pierre Specker has been for more than 20 years the director and the cantor of a kind of chanson de geste expressed in live scenes.





Pierre Specker

Une scène champêtre
Each year, 10 tableaux, played live in origianl costumes by the village people, remember scenes of the rural life of the sundgau of yester year: the communal wood auction, the market of the foalta of Bonfol, the bicycle-club, the rope manufacturing, the entry of the hussards of the Republica into the village, the ballet of the corn bags leading to the mill...
The 10th tableau was immutably devoted to the rite of Glickhàmpfele giving its name to the festival. A tradition which disappeared from our Sundgau with the advent of automation, but which remains always magic and mysterious. At the time of the harvests, parents and children knelt around the last corn tuft to thank the Creator for the good harvest. Delicacies were hidden in the heart of the tuft which the children discovered with rapture before nine of most beautiful ears were cut to decorate the family crucifixes.


D'r Schäreschliffa

Since 1995, the festival has devoted to one main topic: wood work, milk...




Exclusivity: photos of the 98' Glickhàmpfele!
 (Textes: Bernard Lambert - Photos: Claude Baumann)