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Old landmark of Waltenheim
Old landmark of Waltenheim

In the 19th century, Waltenheim was known for its stone quarries. More close to us, in 1939, the village was the place of discovery of 45 gold coins dating from 13th and 15th centuries, imperial currencies of the archbishopric of Cologne, Trier and Mainz.

The village, which formed part of the high bailliage of the seigniory of Landser, owns some old houses dating from the end of the 17th century: in the Rue Principale, number 18 (168) and number 7 (1685). The latter, located opposite the church, comprises on the second floor a window with a carved framework.
 Photo Waltenheim (C) Bernard Lambert 1998 Church
The chapel from the 18th century was enlarged in 1858 and the bell-tower modified in 1952. Dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul, it is an old subsidiary of the mother-church of the Hochkirch.





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