Ecusson Helfrantzkirch  Sierentz County - Helfrantzkirch

Town Hall of Helfrantzkirch
17, rue Principale
68510 Helfrantzkirch
Opening hours of the secretariat:  

10:00 to 12:00

16:00 to 18:00
16:00 to 19:00
16:00 to 18:00
Permanencies of the Mayor and assistants:
Tuesday from 18:30 to 19:30 hours

Photo Helfrantzkirch (c) Bernard Lambert 1998
The Main Street

While passing in the Main Street, one will notice the houses with rich and varied half-timberings especially numbers 49 and 38.

The village is established on a site occupied since the Neolithic era; it formed part of the bailliage of High-Landser. During the revolt of 1525, Helfrantzkirch was one of the rallying-points of the peasants and the local priest, Jean Berner, one of their leaders. Three villages located on the communal territory, Rueschwiller, Rantzkirch and AD Caritatem disappeared during earlier centuries.

Old landmark of Helfrantzkirch
Old landmark of Helfrantzkirch

Helfrantzkirch - Eglise - Photo B. Lambert

The custodial from the 15th century placed in the chorus comes from preceding construction. On the high altar, a table represents the patron saint. The side altars are decorated with paintings by Henri Kayser (1891), on the right Saint Wendelin and on the left the Virgin with Child appearing to a monk and to a nun. Stiehr organ from 1858.

Saint Bartholomew Church
The religious history of Helfrantzkirch is extremely old since the foundation of a first sanctuary already under the invocation of St Bartholomew is referred to in 1164.
In the 14th century it was necessary to rebuild the ruined church. The plans of the new neo-classic church were signed in 1827 by the architect Wagner of Altkirch, the building was completed in 1830. The final acceptance however only took place on April 23, 1843, because it was necessary to rebuild the bell-tower which had broken down.

Photo Helfrantzkirch (C) Bernard Lambert 1998
St Bartholomew Church

The church is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew in honour of what took place each year in August, a festival, abandoned when the village lost its vitality. Since 1977, this habit has been reintroduced and constitutes a centre of attraction of the "Ronde des Fêtes du Sundgau".

Three Houses
At the outside of Helfrantzkirch, on the road from Basle to Altkirch, the old postal relay station of the Three Houses testifies to a time when the postal ways marked the demographic and economic rise of the Country. Also known under the name of " Posthoernle ", this relay was ideally placed at the crossing of the old royal roadway connecting Belfort to Huningue, and the road of the pilgrims on their way to Mariastein.
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