Sierentz County - Geispitzen 

The village formed part of the high-bailliage of Landser under the old Regime and the birth place of the music composer Arthur Hertzog (1901-1966).

This is where the priest Ellerbach (1850-1924) carried out his first tests with the curative method of Doctor Kneipp, while saving the souls of the parish.

Ancienne Borne de Geispitzen
Old Landmark of Geispitzen

Geispitzen - Maison dans la rue Principale (Photo B. Lambert)

Geispitzen - L'église (Photo B. Lambert)

Church Saint John the Baptist

The parishioners of Geispitzen formerly went to the mother-church of Hochkirch (see Sierentz) but possessed since 1302 a chapel dedicated to Saint German. The current church was built in 1807 and the bell-tower in 1927.

A recent restoration has left in place only the beautiful stalls of the abbey of Lucelle, identical to those of Raedersdorf.

Houses and landscape
Geispitzen which counts many houses of the 17th and 18th centuries, several with galleries, deserves a visit by foot starting at the Rue de la Liberation then on to the Rue du General Koenig. Before returning towards the church, one will notice at no 25, a house dated 1608 with, above the gate, a shield which recalls the trades followed by its occupants. At number 11, one will see a beautiful door frame in the shape of a basket handle.

Geispitzen - Maison dans la rue Principale (Photo B. Lambert)



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